Make Your Own Detox Foot Pads: They Will Remove All Dangerous Toxins From The Body

These amazing foot detox pads were first used in Japan a long time ago. This detox pads you should place on the soles of your feet before going to bed, and in the morning  they will turn black due to the toxins that are pulled from your body. You should put them on your feet because they can promote better blood and lymph circulation.

Most people have circulation problems in their feet, ankles and legs that because of the increasingly sedentary lifestyle. The detox foot pads can improve the circulation and they can extract the toxins that are built-up in the body.

The foot pads are going to make your feet to feel less tired, they will relieve the joint pain and stop the headaches. You can made them at home by following these instructions:


Onions and garlic


Adhesive gauze



You need to chop the onion and garlic finely, then you need to add them to the boiling water for a few minutes. Than you should take the pot off the heat, and you need to allow the mixture to cool down for a while. When it’s cool enough, you need to put the mixture on the gauze, but you should be very careful not to make it too wet. You need to apply the pads on the middle of your soles, put on your socks and go to sleep. In the morning, the results will amazed you!