14 Things About Your Relationship That Should Not Be Shared On Social Media

Social networks are already so tightly integrated into our lives that you can not even imagine the morning without checking the news on Facebook. But in addition to free "information services" social networks at the same time let us keep track of each other's lives.

Although every fifth couple gets acquainted online, the etiquette of Internet relationships is still not worked out. The temptation to boast or complain is very great, but it's not always a good idea.

Check 14 things that you should not post in social media. Keep your private life private and you will see that you will manage to become happier and to build strong and long lasting relationships.

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#1 Personal information about your partner without his consent. When you share personal details with your friends (and along with their friends), you not only lower the sense of closeness, but also put the partner in an awkward position.

#2 Criticism of a partner during an argument. Perhaps you are in the midst of a quarrel and know that you are right, but your partner's obstinacy does not allow him to admit it. And now you decide to discuss this with friends online - or at least hear words of comfort. Stop it!

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#3 Results US.It is a new-fangled way to announce your pregnancy on facebook. Although gynecologists are advised to wait for the second trimester before reporting this to the world (the risk of miscarriage is lower), many consider it necessary to post a photo of ultrasound for everyone to see.

#4 Selfie with kisses. It's wonderful that all your lonely days and nights are in the past. You have found your soul, and now you urgently need to show everyone how you are gently kissing.

#5 Expensive gifts. The partner gave you ruby earrings, a handbag from Louis Vuitton or a huge TV? Excellent! But there is no need to flaunt their wealth before those who barely make ends meet.

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#6 Get rid of friends from the details of their parting with a partner, especially since you, most likely, will talk about the former heap of filth. Do not complicate your emotional experience by having to read the comments and advice from the facebook community.

#7 Sexual pictures are a great way to seduce a partner when he is at work or you both do not have time for sex, but no one but you two should see them. It can ruin intimacy.

#8 Stop sharing your plans on FB and other social media, even if you really want everyone to know. People will think that you are boasting and it can make your partner feel uncomfortable, if the plans are ruined.

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#9 Posting private pictures can lead to discussions over your couple. No one likes rumors, so why would you provoke rumors about you.

#10 Posting pictures of your underwear you bought for him.People might think that you lack of attention from your partner and be judgmental about your relationship.

#11 Don’t post jokes about your partner. It will show your disrespect towards him and might offend him.

#12 Stop sharing every single thing about your relationship. It is not interesting for people, it is annoying.

#13 Don’t comment upon his behavior publicly. Private things and quarrelling should be private.

#14 Don’t confess in social media. If you feel for him, tell it directly. Let the moment be romantic.

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